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The protection of maritime areas from invasions of algae or jellyfish requires the use of long-term resistant booms. Our Typhon retention nets resist extreme conditions: 130 km/h wind, 2m swell.

This foolproof resistance, combined with an innovative installation procedure allowing the net to be unhooked in a few seconds to clean it once the season is over, make it the best retention net available on the market.

Algae jellyfish pollution control net
Jellyfish algae boom
Jellyfish barrier algae net

Non-exhaustive photos, please contact us for more details.


In order to meet the needs of beachside hotels and restaurants, we have developed a reduced and transportable version of the Typhon net: the Calypso.

Installed in 20 minutes in the morning by hotel staff, the net covers an area of ​​100m of length and ensures the protection of bathers all day long. In the evening, the net is collected and at the same time allows the bathing area to be cleaned by collecting plastic cups and other trash in the water.


The Calypso is supplied with means of fixing to the ground: screw anchors or sandbags depending on needs.

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